How do I smudge?

Take a tightly balled-up bundle of dried sage (mashkodewashk) and light it from the bottom with a match. A small stream of smoke is all that's necessary. The smoke from the smudge can be pulled toward oneself with your hands or pushed by another person using a feather or an eagle fan.

What is a Crystal Grid?

Crystal grids are visually stimulating and energetically charged to spread good vibes and manifestation abilities. At home you can hang these grids on the wall or lay them flat on a table or nightstand. Based on the intention you place on them they can serve different rooms well

What's in the body whip that makes my skin so smooth?

Our body whip contains shea butter & mango butter, vitamin e, coconut & avocado oil, essential oils, peptides, collagen, and vitamin c.

What kind of wax do you use for the candles?

We use a blend of premium soy and coconut wax.